Signature atmosphere and genuine warmth

Ahavas Chaim provides myriad services to create their signature atmosphere and genuine warmth. Our approach is based on the Harm Reduction Model and is designed to meet people “where they are” with empathy, curiosity, and acceptance. We cater to the individual psycho-social-emotional and spiritual needs of each participant in our program.

Learning Programs

Ahavas Chaim’s dynamic night seder program has several options of shiurim, chaburos, and chavrusa learning for various ages, interests, and skill levels. These programs are followed by healthy fun and food at The Game Room at the Warehouse. Thursday nights are reserved for our Kumzitz with a side of cholent and potato kugel.

Shabbos & Yom Tov

We provide a safe, relaxed experience with inspirational davening and festive meals in a family atmosphere, suffused with spirit and comfort.

Group Activities & Trips

To create and maintain a family feel and camaraderie among participants, we offer group activities as well as targeted incentive-based trips to motivate our boys to reach specific accomplishments.

Summer Programming

The growth continues through every season with experiences like our summer building program, in which our boys develop their abilities and achieve concrete success upon project completion. We create a relaxed summertime vibe with trips, BBQs, learning, and chilled downtime for everyone’s enjoyment.

Nshei Events

Support doesn’t end when our young men marry. We maintain relationships with our married participants, providing a supportive, engaging community for their wives as well.